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RG-250 diwash
RG-250 diwash

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Hallde RG-250 diwash Vegetable Preparation Machine Hallde Processes 1,000 portions/day and 10 kg/minute
Duty cycle: 1.4 tonnes per day

  • RG-250 diwash takes vegetable preparation to a higher level - a machine stand model with extremely high output and cutting performance
  • The RG-250 diwash can slice, dice, shred, grate, cut julienne, cut French fries and waffle vegetables, fruits, dry bread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, etc.
  • Robust all-aluminium construction with an ergonomic user-friendly design
  • All parts coming into contact with food have a patented coating enabling easy cleaning
  • Designed for applications in restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, catering, canteens, QSR and supermarkets that demand the highest durability and cutting performance on a larger scale
  • The HALLDE Ergo Loop enables the user to work with both hands
  • The large full moon shaped feed cylinder can take most items whole
  • Easy to clean and embodies the highest safety standards. All the removable parts and cutting tools can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Direct drive with no intermediate connections for exceptional reliability
  • Wide range of cutting tools that can cut soft and hard products in every shape and size imaginable
  • A machine your business can grow with

Price & SpecRG-250 - Dimensions
D x W x H (mm)
RG-50S5HRG50S350 x 285 x 5858.61.0kW, one speed (500 rpm),
220-240V, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz
RG-50 5HRG50350 x 285 x 58591.0kW, one speed (500 rpm),
220-240V, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz
RG-1005HRG100425 x 215 x 49516.4.25kW, one speed (350 rpm),
220-240V, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz
RG-2005HRG200475 x 215 x 51518.6.25kW, one speed (350 rpm),
220-240V, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz
RG-2505HRG250300 x 285 x 58022.55kW, one speed (350 rpm),
220-240V, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz
RG-250 diwash 5HRG250DW300 x 285 x 58022.55kW, one speed (350 rpm),
220-240V, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz
RG-3505HRG350 540 x 325 x 735 32 .75kW, one speed (360 rpm),
220-240V, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz
380-415V, 3-phase+N, 50 Hz
RG-300i Manual Feeder5HRG300i/MF600 x 490 x 1230491.5/0.9kW, two speeds (200/400 rpm),
400-415V, 3-phase+N, 50-60 Hz
RG-300i Feed Hopper5HRG300i/FH 600 x 490 x 1200 48 1.5/0.9kW, two speeds (200/400 rpm),
400-415V, 3-phase+N, 50-60 Hz
RG-400i (base only) 5HRG400i590 x 490631.5/0.9kW, two speeds (200/400 rpm),
400-415V, 3-phase+N, 50-60 Hz
RG-400i Cheese Shredder 5HRG400i + H376911170 x 565 x 1880841.5/0.9kW, two speeds (200/400 rpm),
400-415V, 3-phase+N, 50-60 Hz
FeaturesRG-250 Different cuts
  • All parts coming into contact with food have a patented coating enabling easy cleaning
  • Smooth surface with minimal friction in food-zones, saving time
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel cutting tools
  • Cutting tools with replaceable knife blades
  • A precise and clean cut
  • Full moon shaped large feed cylinder
  • Time saving
  • The design of the handle gives a leverage effect, Ergo-loop
  • Efficient start/stop function for continuous feeding
  • Leaning design, easy to feed
  • Built-in tube feeder
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Handles enable easy moving
  • Suitable on a machine table
  • Exemplary safety
  • Robust heavy duty machine
  • Outstanding quality, carefully selected materials

Made of stainless steel. The trolley has lockable wheels and the height of the container holder can be adjusted. Includes polycarboate gastronorm container 1/1-200. Since the frame retaining the container can be raised to a position in which it is parallel with the trolley handle, the trolley is also eminently well suited for transporting bags of potatoes, cabbage, etc.


PRICE: £695
Container Trolley


The wall rack has space for three cutting tools. It saves space, makes handling safe and is an effective way to protect the edges of the knife blades from unnecessary wear.


PRICE: £22
Hallde Wall Rack


Perfect for cleaning both machines and cutting tools. The coarse bristles are particularly effective for cleaning dicing grids and julienne cutters.


Hallde Cleaning Brush Small


Perfect for cleaning both machines and cutting tools. The coarse bristles are particularly effective for cleaning dicing grids and julienne cutters.


PRICE: £12


Stainless steel, including plastic gastronorm container, 1/1-100. A very flexible, high quality table. You assemble the height of the table to fit your specific need. A container holder for gastronorm 1/1 containers can be placed on the table. If you prefer, the table can be used with our container trolley instead. The narrow front legs make it easy to place the trolley in front of the machine table.


PRICE: £615
Machine Table

Cutting Tools
(RG-200, RG-250 & RG-250diwash)
Cutting Tools 4-pack including 2 wall racks
Slicer 1.5 and 4 mm
Grater/Shredder 2 and 8 mm

Hallde Wall Rack
H84012 622
Cutting Tools 7-pack including 3 wall racks
Slicer 1.5, 4 and 10 mm
Grater/Shredder 2 and 8 mm
Dicing grid 10x10 mm
Julienne 4x4 mm

Hallde Wall Rack

(RG-200, RG-250 & RG-250diwash)
Slicers with replaceable blade
Slicer 0.5 mm


Slicer 1 mmH63058 174
Slicer 1.5 mmH63111174
Slicer 2 mmH63116 174
Slicer 3 mmH63162 174
Slicer 4 mmH63091 174
Slicer 5 mmH63164 174
Slicer 6 mmH63096 174
Slicer 7 mmH86028 174
Slicer 8 mmH63101 174
Slicer 9 mmH86036 174
Slicer 10 mmH63106174
Fine Cut Slicer with replaceable blade
Fine Cut Slicer 15 mm


Standard Slicer with replaceable blade
Standard Slicer 20 mm


Soft Slicers with replaceable blade
Soft Slicer 8 mm


Soft Slicer 10 mmH82510 225
Soft Slicer 12 mmH82557 225
Soft Slicer 15 mmH82554 225
Crimping Slicers with replaceable blade
Crimping Slicer 2 mm


Crimping Slicer 3 mmH63353 175
Crimping Slicer 4 mmH63117 175
Crimping Slicer 5 mmH63355 175
Crimping Slicer 6 mmH63177 175
Julienne Cutters with replaceable blade
Julienne 2x2 mm


Julienne 2x6 mmH63347 202
Julienne 3x3 mmH63351 202
Julienne 4x4 mmH63130 202
Julienne 6x6 mmH63140 202
Julienne 8x8 mmH63148 202
Julienne 10x10 mmH63156 202
Graters/Shredders with replaceable blade
Grater/Shredder 1.5 mm


Grater/Shredder 2 mmH83422 174
Grater/Shredder 3 mmH83423 174
Grater/Shredder 4.5 mmH83424 174
Grater/Shredder 6 mmH83425 174
Grater/Shredder 8 mmH83426 174
Grater/Shredder 10 mmH83427 174
Fine Grater with replaceable blade
Fine Grater


Hard Cheese Grater with replaceable blade
Hard Cheese Grater


Fine Grater with replaceable blade
Extra Fine Grater


Dicing Grids with non-replaceable blades
Dicing Grid 6x6 mm


Dicing Grid 8x8 mmH83291 201
Dicing Grid 10x10 mmH83292 201
Dicing Grid 12x12 mmH83293 201
Dicing Grid Low 12x12 mmH83294 201
Dicing Grid 15x15 mmH83295 201
Dicing Grid Low 15x15 mmH83296 201
Dicing Grid 20x20 mmH83297 201
Dicing Grid Low 20x20 mmH83298 201
Dicing Grid Extra Low 20x20 mm
(not for RG-200)
H83299 201
Potato Chip / French Fries Grid with replaceable blades
Potato Chip / French Fries Grid 10 mm
(not for RG-200)
Use in combination with Slicer 10 mm,
HC Slicer 10 mm or Soft Slicer 10 mm


French Fries Kit with replaceable blades
French Fries Kit 10 mm
(not for RG-200)
The kit contains a French Fries Slicer
and French Fries Tool used together



HALLDE Cutting Tools Spec Sheet - 2024


Watch how the RG-250diwash can save you time and money:

RG-250diwash dicing onion:

Almond, grated with HALLDE Fine Grater:

Banana diced with a HALLDE Dicing Grid 8x8 mm combined with a HALLDE Slicer 8 mm:

Care Home
HALLDE has produced advice and tips on how HALLDE machines and equipment can be used in the preparation of texture modified food within the care of the elderly.

HALLDE fully conforms to the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) guidance for patient feeding in the Hospital and Care Home sector.

Drinks Levels 0-4

The SB-4 will easily cover all the drinks levels as it has variable cutting speeds for different textures.

Food Levels 3-4

The CC-32S and CC-34 combi cutter range and the VCM and VCB range of vertical cutter blenders/mixers will easily produce consistent, thicker purees due to the patented bowl scraper system, something which our competitors do not have. The benefit of this system is that it means you can get consistent texture without overheating the product during longer processing times.

Food Levels 5-7 and regular

All the dicing compatible HALLDE veg prep units: CC-34, RG-50, RG-100, RG-200, RG-250, RG-250diwash, RG-350, RG-300i and RG-400i are the perfect solution for these levels. The reason for this is that a HALLDE Dice Grid has the knife blade set to the outer most radius of the dice grid, unlike our competitors that leave a much larger gap. In short, the IDDSI guidance states that they recommend up to 15mm x 15mm (1.5cm) square. Not only do other machine manufacturers not offer a 15mm dice grid but they also crucially don’t take the last blade to the very edge, therefore a 15mm dice grid will allow food to fall through the outermost edge, producing a chunk in excess of 15mm. Because of the choking hazard, the product then has to be sorted, sampled and removed by hand, either by the Chef or the Central Production Kitchen. It’s a common, labour intensive issue, which they try to solve by cutting smaller i.e. 12mm dice but this often leads to overcooking of food in the homes and having to change the pre-set combi oven programmes, which leads to other problems and complaints.

HALLDE have the solution. They have a 15mm dice grid and as with all the other dice grids the blades are set to the outermost radius thereby ensuring nothing larger than 15mm x 15mm is produced.

Competitor's 14mm x 14mm dice grid HALLDE's 15mm x 15mm dice grid
How much time and money do you save by using a HALLDE vs. hand cut?

HALLDE have made it easy to calculate how quickly your machine pays for itself and how much you will save in the first 12 months. You will be pleasantly surprised!

See how much you can save by clicking on the link:
Downloads Learn more about how HALLDE can be used beneficially in different types of preparation concepts:-

Preparation for Patisseries, Confectioners and Bread Bakeries

Prepare an extra delicious pizza topping

Raw Food – nutritious and colourful with a wide variety of shapes

Prepare your own unique taco buffet

Preparation of texture modified food

International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) Guidance (2019)

To download the most up-to-date version of the brochure, specification sheet, list of spare parts, drawings, wiring diagram, CE certification, user instructions and service manual please click here.

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