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F12 Cappuccino Creamer
F12 Cappuccino Creamer

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Ceado's Commercial Cappuccino Creamer Sale Stock
  • Designed for the automatic preparation of perfect consistency cappuccino froth
  • Uses combined action of steam and a mixer to transform 200ml of cold milk into 400ml of dense, consistent cappuccino foam at 60ºC in just one minute
  • High quality, consistent results
  • Saves time in busy restaurants, cafes and coffee shops
  • Allows operator to froth milk hands free. Therefore giving more time for coffee production
  • Perfect results time after time even with inexperienced staff
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easily connects to the steam wand of a coffee machine
  • Can also prepare cold drinks such as frappes, iced coffee and milkshakes using the cold mode (no steam)

D x W x H (mm)
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F12 Cappuccino Creamer 16F12 230 x 220 x 50573002 530
Product DescriptionIf you have a passion for milk-based beverages, the Ceado F12 Cappuccino Creamer might be what you’re looking for. It is a professional unit designed to deliver steamed, as well as hot and cold frothed milk for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and iced beverages.

Great for large parties and gatherings, this Cappuccino Creamer can froth or steam enough milk to make a latte or cappuccino in less than one minute. With such a generous capacity, you can serve guests café-quality beverages quickly and easily.

The Ceado F12 Creamer must be connected to the steam wand of your espresso machine, since it uses steam from the boiler to operate. Separate push-button controls for steam, cold and hot froth activate the steam wand and mixer, either individually or together, to create the desired beverage.

The Ceado F12 Cappuccino Creamer has a compact body that won’t take up too much space on the kitchen counter. The unit is made of durable stainless steel that is both sleek and easy to maintain. Simply wipe the machine’s panels with a damp cloth and you’re good to go. Also, the F12 has a detachable steam wand for thorough cleanings. The F12 Cappuccino Creamer comes with a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Connect To Espresso Machine
The Cappuccino Creamer is designed to work with commercial, semi-automatic espresso machines, but may also be used in conjunction with a prosumer unit. The F12 has a connector tube, one end fastens into the inlet side of the Cappuccino Creamer and the other must be connected to the steam outlet of your espresso machine. Fasten the fittings by hand and use a hexagon wrench to tighten the connection. Detailed instructions are available in the user’s manual.

Once the F12 has been successfully hooked up to your espresso machine, turn both units on. Opening the steam knob (corresponding to the F12’s hook up) will allow you to steam or froth using your espresso machine’s steam pressure.

For espresso machines equipped with two steam wands, you can connect the Cappuccino Creamer to one steam wand and leave the other in place. This will allow you to have dual capabilities—manual and automated operations.

The Ceado Cappuccino Creamer has a user-friendly interface, with large push-button controls and straightforward icons. Dedicated on/off, steam; cold and hot froth buttons let you create your desired beverages with just one touch. Since the F12 relies on your espresso machine’s boiler to operate, any warm-up period is solely dependent on your machine.

The Ceado F12 Cappuccino Creamer has a separate steam wand and mixer that can be individually activated. To activate the steam feature, simply push and hold the button located on the left hand side of the machine, until you’ve achieved the desired milk temperature and consistency. This button only activates the steam wand, and not the mixer, to create milk consistency that is ideal for lattes.

The next button controls the hot froth cycle, which activates both the steam wand and mixer to simultaneously heat and spin your milk—creating a thick, creamy texture. There are three automated cycles to choose from, depending on the milk volume you’re working with. Simply push the hot froth button to select the proper cycle. A series of three lights indicates which cycle has been selected. Once you’ve chosen the desired cycle, push the Start/Stop button to begin. The cycle can last anywhere from 50-80 seconds, depending on which of the three options you chose. An auto-stop feature ends the cycle once it is complete.

The F12 has a durable, polished stainless steel frame, spindle, and steam wand for easy maintenance. The Cappuccino Creamer has a heavy-duty supports with rubber stops that can be set into place to hold a frothing pitcher using a dedicated knob, located on the side of the unit. You can also lower the stand to create additional room to accommodate large pitchers.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Since the Ceado F12 has a straightforward design, it requires minimal maintenance. Ceado recommends dampening a cloth with lukewarm water and wiping the surfaces clean. You should use a damp cloth to clean the steam nozzle after each use to prevent milk residue from building up and hindering machine performance. The steam nozzle can also be removed and washed with tap water and dish soap; you can use a small brush to remove any milk residue.

Ceado Makes The Following Recommendations: Use Cycle 1 for 6.76 fl oz of refrigerator-temperature milk (50 seconds) Use Cycle 2 for 11.83 fl oz of refrigerator-temperature milk (65 seconds) Use Cycle 3 for 16.91 fl oz of refrigerator-temperature milk (80 seconds) The cold froth cycle activates only the mixer to achieve the desired texture without heating your milk. This option is ideal for cold beverages. The cold froth function has a pre-set run time of 80 seconds.

Please Note: All of the F12’s functions and cycles can be deactivated at any time by pressing the Start/Stop button.

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