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TR75 Pasta Machine

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La Pastaia Pasta Machine Metcalfe
  • Fresh pasta machine for the production of various pasta shapes and sizes, with mixer and screw extruder
  • Wide range of fittings and dies available
  • Features an output of up to 8 kg/h and a tank with a capacity of 5 kg
  • Electronic cutter and fan to ensure the product, e.g. spaghetti, doesn't stick
  • Features a sleeve cooling unit to keep the head's temperature constant, preventing the dough falling apart

Price & Spec
D x W x H (mm)
TR505TR501.32.5380 x 270 x 325210.38230/502,078
TR705TR701.74440 x 250 x 425280.38230/503,371
TR755TR7558750 x 320 x 725680.75230/506,709
  • All food contact components are made of stainless steel or food grade bronze
  • All moving parts are installed on ball bearings with long-life seals or supports with grease gun
  • Single-motor-driven, belt drive with maintenance-free reduction gear. Mixer driven by sprocket
  • Operating components can rotate in both directions
  • The operating parts are easy to disassemble to allow access for cleaning the machine
  • Allows you to make various pasta shapes by simply changing the die
  • No dies supplied with machine
  • Stocked in 1ph, however 3ph available on request
Plastic pasta trayLPT0273
Stainless steel cart with 5 traysLPC031,260
Pasta Dies Available
N. 3 Spaghetti 0.8 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 5 Spaghetti 1.1 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 8 Spaghetti 1.7 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 12 Spaghetti 2.5 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
Spaghetti Quadri 2.5 x 2.5 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 18 Linguine 3.0 x 1.6 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 21 Tagliolini 1.8 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 23 Tagliolini 2.6 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 26 Fettucine 6 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 28 Fettuccine 10 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 30 Pappardelle 14 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 31 Pappardelle 17 mmBrassBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 47 Reginette 9 mmBrassBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 59 Bucatini 3 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 90 Maccheroncini 4.8 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 99 Maccheroni 8 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 105 Rigatoni 11 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 108 Rigatoni 15 mmBrassBrassBrass
N. 122 Penne Rigate 8.8 mm --Brass / Teflon
N. 127 Tortiglione 8.8 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 131 Fusilli A 2 PrincipiBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 133 Fusilli A 3 Principi 10 mmBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 163 Pipe Rigate 16 mmBrassBrassBrass
N. 190 Conchiglie Rigate 28 mmBrass 24mmBrassBrass
N. 240 Fusilli A 3 PrincipiBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 251 GigliBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
N. 382 Gnocchetto Sardo 19 mmBrass 12mmBrassBrass
N. 386 CasarecceBrass / TeflonBrass / TeflonBrass / Teflon
Pacchero*Brass ●Brass ●Brass ●
Sheet die with fixed thickness-BrassBrass
Sheet die with adjustable thickness
allen key included
PRICEBrass Dies £112
Teflon Dies £137
Adjustable Sheet Die £137
Brass Dies £157
Teflon Dies £184
Adjustable Sheet Die £233
Brass Dies £185
Teflon Dies £218
Adjustable Sheet Die £246

● = brass inserts, 1 exit on the die cut by hand only
* = special shape, price + 20%

TR75 Specification Sheet (11-21)

TR75C/TR75 Operating & Maintenance Manual (2019)

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