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Easy Chopper 3
Easy Chopper 3

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  • The Easy Chopper is the ideal tool for fast, easy chopping, slicing and dicing of onions, tomatoes, potatoes, celery, peppers and other firm vegetables
  • Great for wedging citrus and other fruits using the wedger kit
  • It’s large 11cm (4¼") square cutting area saves you time by minimising the need to pre-cut foods into small portions
  • The easily interchangeable blade assemblies allow you to chop, slice and dice in a variety of cut sizes with flawless consistency for beautiful presentation and economical portion control
  • Color-coded push block/blade set tandems simplify change out, greatly reducing operator error that can cause damaging mismatches
  • Built to last in the toughest commercial environment
  • Available in 6mm (¼"), 10mm (3/8"), 13mm (½"), 25mm (1") dice and 6mm (¼"), 10mm (3/8"), 13mm (½") slice configurations with 6 and 8 section wedge
  • If you require an additional cutting configuration please order an extra blade/holder assembly and corresponding push block

D x W x H (mm)
Easy Chopper 3 - 6 x 6mm (1/4" x 1/4") diceNEM57500-1305 x 248 x 4955730
Easy Chopper 3 - 10 x 10mm (3/8" x 3/8") diceNEM57500-2305 x 248 x 4955730
Easy Chopper 3 - 13 x 13mm (1/2" x 1/2") diceNEM57500-3305 x 248 x 4955730
Easy Chopper 3 - 25 x 25mm (1" x 1") diceNEM57500-4305 x 248 x 4955730
Easy Chopper 3 - 6mm (1/4") sliceNEM57500-5305 x 248 x 4955730
Easy Chopper 3 - 10mm (3/8") sliceNEM57500-6305 x 248 x 4955730
Easy Chopper 3 - 13mm (1/2") sliceNEM57500-7305 x 248 x 4955730
Features The new Easy Chopper 3 boasts the same size and all-in-one chop, slice and wedge versatility of its predecessor, the Easy Chopper 2, with a number of design enhancements for even faster, easier operation and greater performance longevity.

At the core of these industry-first enhancements is the push block. In addition to now being color-coded per the cut size of the corresponding blade-set – thus making destructive mismatches near impossible, each push block also features an intriguing ‘gasket’ innovation that’s poised to be a labour-efficiency game changer. The cleaning gasket is made of durable synthetic nylon and is easily removed with a simple pull of its two tabs. The push block’s nylon-based resin is highly resilient and less prone to suffer impact damage.

The easily interchanged blade assemblies are completely separate from the guide rods – no need to remove the bumpers.

Many of the staple features and benefits of the Chopper 2 remain, including a 4 ¼” cutting area for large vegetables, as well as a pre-tensioned slicing blade cartridge design, aluminium and stainless-steel construction.

The sturdy, wide base is now high enough to allow chopped produce to fall straight into a 1/6- or 1/3-size six-inch deep food pan, or a two-quart round pan.
6mm (1/4") dice blade holder/assemblyNEM57424-1371
10mm (3/8") dice blade holder/assemblyNEM57424-2371
13mm (1/2") dice blade holder/assemblyNEM57424-3371
25mm (1") dice blade holder/assemblyNEM57424-4371
6mm (1/4") slice blade holder/assemblyNEM57424-5345
10mm (3/8") slice blade holder/assemblyNEM57424-6345
13mm (1/2") dice blade holder/assemblyNEM57424-7345
6mm (1/4") push block (red)NEM57417-170
10mm (3/8") push block (blue)NEM57417-270
13mm (1/2") push block (green)NEM57417-370
25mm (1") push block (black)NEM57417-470
6 section wedger kitNEM57727-6W460
8 section wedger kitNEM57727-8W460
6mm (1/4") cleaning gasket (red) - 3 packNEM56275-154
10mm (3/8") cleaning gasket (blue) - 3 packNEM56275-254
13mm (1/2") cleaning gasket (green) - 3 packNEM56275-354
25mm (1") cleaning gasket (black) - 3 packNEM56275-454
  • NEW! Color-coded blade assemblies and push blocks make correct change-out even faster and easier than before, with less risk of mismatching that can crash the blades and damage the block
  • NEW! Revolutionary push-block “gaskets” reduce cleaning the block to nothing more than a pull of two tabs and a rinse, wash and sanitize. Just slip the gasket over its corresponding block before chopping. When done, remove it and pull all the built-up food debris right out. No more digging at the block like a pair of muddy football cleats
  • NEW! Engineered nylon-based resin material used to manufacture the push blocks is more durable for longer performance life, reducing the risk of tooth breakage from classic commercial kitchen use or block shavings in the food from accidental blade contact while cutting
  • PLUS, a higher, wider base can sprawl over a standard 1⁄3 or 1⁄6 size six-inch deep food pan, or a two-quart round pan

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